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So scroll to bottom for title question.
Thought I'd at least explain the situation first, but it's long.

My female cockatiel, about 8 1/2 - 9 years old, started laying eggs about a month back. It was rather on and off. Before this she hadn't laid an egg in 7 1/2 years, back when I purposely bred her. But her mate was being extra hormonal past couple months (making nest at bottom cage I kept removing), daylight reduction wasn't effective as they were in the main room and although dark, wasn't quiet enough.
First two eggs were soft shelled, still attempting to reduce hormones, separated her from male (Cages still side by side).
About 2 weeks passed, thought it was over, then came along egg 3 with a good shell, so let her keep it. Eggs totalled at 5 good eggs before we had a problem. Last 2 of those were in the every other day time slot. Egg 6 (8th total), was bad again. But I didn't know this till after, I just saw it at the bottom of the cage.
She was on her perch, hunched, wings droopy and shivering. She struggled to get on my fingers; grip weak and loss of balance. Checked her vent and there was some swelling from the vagina/uterus area, but an egg had clearly been laid recently, so doubted egg binding. I was concerned for the calcium though and possibly injury from last lay.

Anyway, went to avian vet straight away. (Took over an hour), they suspected egg binding. 2nd avian confirmed it. Didn't choose to do x-ray after much thought as I was worried over anaesthetic with her weakened condition. My instincts were telling me it wasn't binding though.
They gave her a calcium injection and oxytocin. Put her in an incubator for a couple hours to see if she'll pass this egg, (waited in the car as it was getting late and main area had to close)
No egg, but she was more alert. Decided to take her home and hope the calcium continued to improve her condition, which it did, and wait on this egg which I was pretty sure wasn't stuck in there.

By the next day she was back to her alert and strong self. Swelling was gone from vent area. It was 9pm that day she laid another egg, about 12 hours ahead of normal schedule, but that may have been the oxytocin. Was normal size, nothing wrong with it.
(It was when I brought her home I'd noticed the previous egg. Partially soft shell and broken.)

* One advice I question, vet said I should remove eggs and any new she lays. What is your opinion on this. I'm doing so currently and she's now in a different room from her mate, with her son. It's quiet and I let it get dark and light naturally, being winter.
When bred, she became a chronic layer until her son hatched. Non of these eggs are fertile (male bad at fertilising) and even if they started fertile, parents are bad at incubation. (eggs are with male for his hormones and although he was sitting all day on them, he'd go on a perch for night time. Now isn't sitting at all)

Main Question

I've recently gotten some Zolcal-D, to give her for calcium deficiency. She's had an injection of calcium a few days ago. I've also gotten a UV lamp.
The dosage according to the instructions is 0.08ml for directly oral, once a day. It doesn't state how long to continue treatment. I would expect throughout egg laying, but what about after that? What if I overdose her? Should I stick to water treatment after eggs, which would be 2tsp per litre of water.
I'd ask the vet, but considering 2 of the avian vets there misdiagnosed her and left the threat of put down if she couldn't pass this 'bound egg', I'd like to take advice from here.


Sorry for such a long post. I look forward to replies. :wf lutino:
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