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Your experience with multiple birds

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I am considering purchasing another cockatiel and I would love to hear from the members here on your experience when adding another bird to the family. My cockatiel Woody will be 10 in September. He has lived with a couple of budgies in his life but he has never lived with another cockatiel.

Once the quarantine time is up, how did your birds react to having another join the flock? Did they end up getting along? Were they able to live together in a flight cage? :pied::wf pied:
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A bird who has basically been a single bird for most of his life may not want to be friendly with another bird. If that's the case you can keep them in separate cages, or keep them in a very large cage where they have plenty of room to put space between themselves. They will form a flock bond in any case, and won't want to be too far apart even if they also don't want to be too close together. They may not want to be in the same cage but they'll want to be in the same room.
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