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Post pictures of your cockatiels and tell us:
Its name
How old it is
Its birthday
How did you get is
🦜 lets have fun!
Hey everyone!! I just joined today!!

Well, my incredible Gaylord is over 29 years old! I'll have to dig around for his papers for his birthday - or perhaps check his leg ring. My mother bought him from a local pet store way back when (in State College, Pennsylvania/Penn State)..... she lived with our family for many years - saw my mother pass in 1997 then my father pass in 2013 - after years of crazy action with caregivers running around near him in the kitchen - taking care of my disabled sister.. I did his first lessons on getting on the hand and flying around. He listened to my dad playing the violin - he's heard the best of the best classical music and has zillions of girlfriends - two-legged that is - that dirty old man! He will flirt with any woman at first sight. He can do a whistle that is shockingly identical to mine... everyone that's heard him can't believe it - I still can't. He is the only animal connection that I still have (the connection to my past) that has known my parents, my sister and our zillion cats - mom was a persion cat breeder for years, then started a great no-kill animal shelter Okay, now he's living with me and my hubby in our gorgeous house on my 22 acres. He's right behind me now - going sleepy-bye at 9 pm.. He lives in my second floor office in our house - a beautiful view of our pasture and stream out the windows. What a lucky dude.

Okay, here's where I need HELP!! I will send pictures. I have taken him to the local bird vet twice now. He has developed the condition with wet feathers and swelling around his left eye. The vet says that if any invasive work is done it's a little dicey due to his age. So, I started web surfing looking for home treatment for this condition. One fascinating link with with an Indian bird man who runs an avian rehabilitation clinic - with a huge enclosed area for many birds. He demonstrates a technique of treating what looks like this with first washing the eye area very well - I think just using water, then spray some sort of eye treatment on it then putting an ointment on it... nothing else - then a few days later much better. Does this sound familiar to anyone. Anyone have any ideas. I really love this guy and I want to do whatever I can to heal this problem! I want him to happily live many more years!

I'm waiting for an answer(s) - putting my ear to the ground, etc. lol

Any and all comments much appreciated ::))

Karen Kite (actually I am a horse masseuse!)
Pennsylvania Furnace, PA
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