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Hello again everyone! Starly, who was very anxious and hyper active two weeks ago, is now coming out of her cage, perching on us and climbing all over our keyboards and mouses to distract us from our work. When she bites, it is the smallest nibble ever. She is precious and I am so happy and LUCKY to have her used to us this quickly. Including some photos of her.

The person I got her from said she was recently weaned, and she still has what looks like dull colored baby feathers, so I am assuming she is still very young. Well.. when I talk to her in the mornings after removing her cover, she makes these squawks that sound exactly like a baby! She does it right before she eats. She also does it frequently when chewing on her toys. Am I right that she just hasn't grown out of her baby side yet? She was hungry last night (she ate all of her small food down to the big pieces that she can't chew and I hadn't realized it) and lordy, those were some noises she was making! I felt like I had a human baby crying for food hahah! I wonder when she will start vocalizing a little more, because she rarely makes a sound even when she is out of her cage. Just a few baby squawks and flock calling when she gets spooked and flies around the room. I know females don't vocalize as much, but this girl is too quiet haha!


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