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Hi! I recently made a post about my cockatiel Apolo, I was scared because he was really quiet. He has started to move more and is actually pretty active, he even started to make some sounds. He hasn't do the whistle I always hear from cockatiels yet though, I assume he's still too young. He can leave his cage on his own and likes to be on his roof, and he flies to my bed or my desk depending on where I am at the moment.

I have had him for 3 weeks and some days and he is gonna be 3 months old on September 30. I already took him to the vet and besides a little cold he was just fine. I need to take him again when he turns 3 months old to deworm him (Or worm? I'm not sure how you say it).

My new worry is that he makes this sound baby cockatiels make when they are hungry or begging for attention. He eats on his own just well and his droppings are normal, I have even managed to get him to eat some veggies. He does the sound when me or my parents are near him and stops after a moment when we go away, he lets me pet his head and the sound gets softer but gets louder again if I stop. He also makes loud noises when I leave the room but not when my parents leave. I'm also not sure if he eats when I'm not around and it has me worried as well.

I would appreciate any help or opinion, sorry again if something is not clear since english is not my first language. Thanks everyone!:pied:
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