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My old fellow has been developing yellow feathers that are intermingled with the grey, and the white flashes are turning permently yellow too, and his feathers are thining. The orange patches on his face have also fadded. His still eats like a pig but stays very thin and he loves to fly around the house, but not as vigourously as he once did, I fear that he might have something wrong with him. Or perhaps he's just getting old. He has iodine block, mix of seeds, fruit and veggies and vitamins in his water, so I don't think that it's a diffienecy. And the younger cage mate is very beautiful and in good condition, he's not showing any of the same conditions. Thank you.

Here's a picture


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I see what you mean. You mentioned he is about 6 which is not old age for a tiel. The feathers tell alot so what I would do is just take him in for a vet check up. I went through something similar with a budgie of mine where she was orginally white and slowly developed a yellow tint all over. It wasn't a good sign and I'll leave it at that since I don't want to scare you. I was about 6 years old in a different country so we never were able to find out why. Keep us posted!

PS. I know some people choose to use them but just wanted to add. I find that vitamins in the water are a waste and can cause more harm then good as they can get too many stored in their body. Also, it helps bacteria grow in the water alot faster so you'd have to keep changing it very often.

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I think this one is the older of the two, I think Ann said he was 12 but I wouldn't say he is extremely old yet we have a couple on here in the later 20's, I agree a vet check would be your best option its hard to say what it could be, I also don't use vitamins in the water if they are getting a varied diet they really don't need them.

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That's really interesting the way the yellow has started growing in the grey. What are his droppings like? I would also recommend getting him checked by an avian vet. It could be nothing, but you never know.

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I would take him in to the avain vet for a check up. You would think he would turn grey if he is getting older, my black/white cat is going grey :p

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Thanks for all the care and concern.

Hey Aly, I don't scare easily, if you felt like sharing...

Yes this is the older of the two, I've heard that cockatiels can live well into their twenties. I will take him to the vet, but I'm not sure about the extent of their bird knowledge. Unfortunately there isn't a avian vet in this area, not that I can find anyway.

I don't always put vitamins in the water, just mainly during times of stress during the cooler weather. The water dish is cleaned daily.

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There's a few of you from Ontario so I'm sure they'll give you some info on an avian vet. The end of the story with our budgie is she died soon after turning yellow. I wish I knew what happen but where we were and during that time a vet, less alone an avian one was not accessible..Hopefully it's nothing serious with yours-just wait and see who the others recommend.

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It wasn't working for me either this morning but it does now...Here is the info just in case:


Ferris Lane Animal Hospital
Dr. Julie Deroo
133 Ferris Lane


Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Wendy Korver
Dr. Jennifer Troughton
2826 King St. E.


Windrush Animal Hospital
Dr. Chris Crombie


Appleview Animal Hospital
4490 Fairview Street

Plains Road Animal Hospital
105 Plains Road East
Dr. Gould
Dr. Rafuse


Preston Animal Clinic
Dr. Larry Graham
1606 King St E.

Hespeler Animal Hospital
Dr. K. Burgess
Dr. L. Langlais-Burgess
201 Pinebush Road


Cavan Hills Veterinary Service
Dr. Richard Maser
303 Hwy. 7A, RR1


Clarington Animal Hospital
Dr. Bill Mingram
Corner of Hwy. #2 & Courtice Road


Elmvale Veterinary Hospital
Dr. K. J. Storimans
Dr. F. A. Uriarte
69 Yonge St. South


Thames Road Animal Clinic
Dr. Sean Tucker


Alta Vista Animal Hospital
Dr. N. R. Parker
Dr. B. P. Pukay
Dr. D. T. Rodgers
2616 Bank Street


Grand Bend Veterinary Services
Dr. R. E. Caslick
Dr. D. G. Thiel
Dr. J. E. Earle
Hwy. #21


Campus Estates Animal Hospital
Dr. Alison Daub
Dr. Johanna Wagner
26-35 Harvard Rd.

University of Guelph
Ontario Veterinary College
Small Animal Clinic
Dr. Mike Taylor
(519)824-4120 ext. 54198


Beardall Animal Hospital
Dr. Gay Chamberlin
Dr. Bryan Jones
393 Bath Rd.

Collins Bay Animal Hospital
Dr. Barry Slater
4037 Bath Rd.


Kingsville Animal Clinic
Dr. Anthony Braithwaite
228 Division Rd. North


Heritage Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Rubin
Dr. Bonnie Beresford
200 Lorraine Ave., Unit 7


Northdale Animal Hospital
Dr. Paul Francis
1096 Adelaide St. N.


Lynden Animal Clinic
Dr. E. J. Fritsch
Dr. B. J. Babcock
Dr. J. N. McNie
847 Lynden Road


Britannia Animal Hospital
Dr. John Valsamis
3755 Britannia Rd. West

Creditview Animal Hospital
Dr. Kevin Saldanha
5330 Creditview Road
(905)567-VETS (8387)

Mississauga/Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital
Emergency Services
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., Monday to Friday
Open 24 hours on weekends and holidays
2285 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario
(905) 829-9444


Bells Corners Animal Hospital
Donald McKiel
326 Moodie Drive

Lynwood Animal Hospital
Dr. Robin Roscoe
30 Thorncliffe Pl.


College Manor Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Allan Donais
2-869 Mulock Dr.


Animal Medical Centre
6838 Morrison Street


Animal Hospital of Oak Ridges
Dr. V. Holmes
Dr. P. Lambros
Dr. C. Madden
31 North Lake Road


Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital
Emergency Services
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., Monday to Friday
Open 24 hours on weekends and holidays
2285 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario
(905) 829-9444


Wilson Road Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Gregory Topolie
371 Wilson Rd. S.


Carp Road Animal Hospital
Dr. Glavin
Dr. D. McKiel
Dr. C. Oliarnyk
1054 Carp Rd., Stittsville

Lynwood Animal Hospital
Dr. Roscoe, Dr. Poulton,
Dr. Walker, Dr. Hare,
Dr. Napke, Dr. Sharma,
Dr. Duns
30 Thorncliffe Place


Millennium City Veterinary Hospital
Dr. J. Sawyer
365-1225 Bayly Street (Bay Ridges Plaza)


Amherst Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Luckwald
3206 Eglinton Ave. E.

Bridlewood Animal Clinic
Dr. Jeff Silver
2110 Bridletowne Circle

Markham Road Animal Hospital
Dr. R. Goldstein
Dr. K. Ackerman
900 Markham Road


Briarwood Animal Hospital
Dr. Randy Stirling
76 King St. E.


LaSalle Animal Clinic
Dr. Janice Vannevel
1560 LaSalle


Thorold Veterinary Hospital
Dr. A. Ker
Dr. J. Lowrey
2-B Sullivan Ave.


Hampton Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Kay E. Hampton
252 Algonquin Boulevard West


Bathurst Animal Clinic
Dr. D. Odetoyinbo
Dr. M. Bonder
352 Wilson Avenue

Coxwell Animal Clinic
961 Coxwell Ave.

High Park Animal Clinic
Dr. Robin Lane
Dr. Petra Burgmann
Dr. Judy McFarlen
Dr. Karen Regan
Dr. Don Dawson
3194 Dundas St. W.

Riverdale Animal Hospital
901 Danforth Ave.

South Etobicoke Animal Hospital
Dr. Adrian Gavrileti
741 The Queensway

The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic
Rick Axelson
41 The Links Rd.


LaSalle Animal Clinic
Janice Vannevel
1560 LaSalle


Lincoln Village Animal Hospital
Dr.T. Burrows
370 University Avenue East

Waterloo West Animal Hospital
Dr. M. St. Pierre
420 Erb Street West, #6


Rose City Animal Hospital
61 Southworth Street


Anderson Veterinary Clinic
Jim Holmes
1200 Rossland Rd. East


Brack Animal Hospital
Dr. Darlene House
2621 Howard Ave.

Downtown Animal Clinic
1545 Tuscarora

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It worked for me! :) He is turning yellow in to the grey, that is strange, I would just go for a check-up to be on the safe side!! :p

good Luck! :D

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Ann I am not sure where your located in Ontario and you don't have to say in the forum ;) but I found this on ParrotsCanada just scroll down to Ontario and see if you can find anything near you.
Thank you so very much for the link! I did try doing an online search but couldn't find that website. There is indeed at least one place within driving distance I could take him to, if the poor fella could handle the drive. It would probably be wise to take Wren as well just in case.

Sorry to hear about your budgie Aly, I lost a little yellow lacewing budgie a couple years ago which was very heartbreaking.

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Hey Ann!

I was reading about some other stuff and came across this article. I think it may help give you some insight on what's happening (also what happened with my budgie). It's on Eclectus but the general idea still applies. Basically, it most likely has to do with his liver. Just like in people, it causes yellowing. I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

Here is some more info I found. If you have a gram scale weigh him and let me know what it says.
From what I've read, if I had to take a guess I'd say fatty liver disease, also called hepatic lipidosis. Here is a good article on it.
The main part that made it all click was this:
Many birds with hepatic lipidosis may have poor feather quality and in cockatiels, white feathers may take on a more yellowish color
Keep us posted on the vet visit!

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I seen this Both birds toetapped and the hen picked at her legs. There was someone elses tiel on here that liked to slam his leg down alot mabey it has something to do with his liver.

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Thank you again Aly! Very informative articles, the funny thing is, I was actually researching into the Eclectus parrot with the hopes of buying one in the future.

Weight problems are mentioned, but Prospero isn't at all, he's underweight if anything and always has been. And he's always had some yellow feathers mixed in with the body plumage which makes me wonder if he's always had a problem with his liver. Genentic perhaps...

He doesn't like to eat many veggies or fruit, he just nibbles then runs back to that bird seed. Picky child! He also has a protruding gizzard as mentioned in that article, which led me to think that it was sour crop originally. :eek: Although how he would have that problem was beyond me!

Non of my birds toe tap or wing flink, unless it's normal grooming activities. And his droppings are normal too...forgot to mention that.

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It's ok Ann, I think you're a great mom for asking questions and caring for them. I know the article mentioned diet but I don't think it was anything caused by you at all. I'm not sure what else it could be but a blood test will tell for sure.
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