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I went and seen the breeder I got Tilly & Milly from today.

Anyways I got there, and I went down to her backyard where her averies are, and I seen another two averies she already had 4, and I was like ah, you got more? And she started telling me that she had got another 9 cockatiels from a lady she knew who was going blind, and the lady couldn't have them anymore as she was due to go and have surgery and the 9 cockatiels were becomming too much for her. They all whistle the simpsons theme song, and one of them was bald from the neck up, no fur at all, so the breeder had to take him into the vet and the poor thing had mites and the vet said this is the worse case of mites he has EVER seen. The ladies son (the one that gave the birds to the breeder) was telling the breeder that one of the birds use to live with her son, and he smokes dope, and he was always blowing the dope into the tiels face and it went bizzurk. The breeder said she's never seen tiels that have been so neglected, broke my heart to see these tiels that had been neglected, but they're sure to be well looked after now. :p

But yeah, I didn't take my camera otherwise I'd have gotten pics, in September, she's gonna have some babies so I will be going to see her then maybe even sooner. She's got the most recent tiels singing the Simpsons Theme so when they start, the rest of the tiels start too. (Imagine 20+ tiels all singing the simpsons theme, I laughed when I heard it). :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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