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Worried after Crash Landing

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Two days ago my cockatiel had a crash landing while trying to fly back to his cage. That afternoon and night he seemed completely normal (stretching, perching, eating). The next afternoon I noticed he was a bit lethargic (still perching) but was squinty. This morning he seems the same and I have only seen him eat a bit of millet (given I haven't been home the entire day so there is no way of knowing for sure). His wings look normal and I pressed lightly on either side of them today and he did not make a peep which leads me to believe he is ok. Just worried about his slightly abnormal behavior. Any thoughts? Unfortunately I cannot get him to the vet in the next few days unless it is an emergency. I will be monitoring his appetite closely.
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Sorry to hear of your tiels crash. As long as he doesn't start hanging out at the bottom of the cage, I think (hope) you'll be alright until you can have him checked out. That's a good idea of monitoring his eating as that's a pretty good indication of weather you may have problems or not. Keep us posted on him.
Yes! He sounds much better and I'm glad to hear it! Besides, I know we ALL love our little feathered buddies but a vet visit can be a little hard on the ole wallet these days!
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