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With your wings held high
You put a smile on my face
With all your might
You always left your trace
Never did I see you frown
For your smile was never upside down
Why is it that you loved me so
was I part of your soul
You were always by my side
And although you are no longer on my shoulder
I can still feel your presence
Your fluff warming my heart
I will always miss you
And I know the favor will be returned some day
For when I see you once again
It will be in the sky where
You will once again hold your wings up high
By: Andie (poem from Bird Bytes)

Mother's Day 2002- 5/5/08 almost to Mother's Day

Sonnie was a simple grey cockatiel. He was a very gentle soul, never bit and was a gentleman to the end. Very doctile and sweet, vivavious in his younger years and always very timid. He loved to cuddle and whistle with his cute gestures. Everytime you walk in the door, he would knock on his cage door and say "hello, Pretty, Pretty" He was going to have such a future, a dramatic life change this summer. I was going to clicker train him. He just learned, after 6years, that veggies are good. :):(

Yesterday, mom took him outside because my birds were out in thier outdoors cage (I told her not to because he could still be lifted by air and his primaries were only cut, not his secondaries)... she left a few seconds and came back with no bird on the chair. He was screaming aloud. He was at the brink of the woods. After trying everthing we could possible do (set his cage out, lure him with millet) he just couldnt fliy back down. He was screaming. A robin attacked him and chased him off into the middle of the woods. Next morning which was today... he was back at the brink of the woods screaming, my sister left a few minutes to get mom... when they came back he was no where to be seen. We havent heard another scream since. :(

Sonnie-Man, we love you and will never forget you.


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Sonnie is gorgeous. Sorry to hear what happened. :( Don't give up though, I lost Willow all day once and we managed to find him, thanks to many flyers and leaflets through doors. You have to tell yourself you can find him..and maybe you will.
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