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Now here's a face you haven't seen in a while! Aww, cute isn't he...don't believe it! :p this bread I see?

Must get to it.

Right, let me think about this carefully.

I think i'll just use the biting tactic.

And what are you looking at?

And when it was taken away, Willow did not know what to do...

What am I supposed to do now then?


Maybe there's something over here...

Or here...?

Ready for take off...

Raw beans?! Mum, I like them cooked!

Hmph...I don't want to look at them.

The bread returns...

**Mad rush**

It's just me and breadie now...stop cramping my style, Mum.

If only I could have a taste of you...

...C'mon, just one bite

I give up!!

That's all for now! :D

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Thankyou everyone. :D

Too cute did Poor willow ever get a piece of bread for all that hard work? lol
Yep, I gave him a small piece at the end actually. A well earned treat. :p
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