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Last year I bought whitefaced pied thinking its male, no, female.
I bought pearl, thinking its male, no, female.
Finally few days ago I bought male, I do not know his mutation, I put him in cage with two females.
He is kinda agressive towards both, but more towards whitefaced one, as pearl, small female is annoying the boy so he usually quits bitting her.

He holds his beak open, and when females (mostly whitefaced) come where he can reach, he strikes like snake pulling feather from them.

Females before him were aggressive, well, actually pearl, which is hand fed, but aggressive toward other cockatiels, while whitefaced does not want to be hold or touched, but likes to play her beak with my nails and fingers.

So far no serious fighting, except cage is loaded with perches so they sometime bump one into another and one bite happens until bitten escapes.

Cage is big, but they follow each other everywhere, except whitefaced, which likes to be alone, and sometimes gets bitten if comes close to male.

I heard couple will bond, Im thinking it might be the pearl and male, as they are yellow, and whitefaced always liked to be alone, and looks for my attention.

My question is actually is it normal for cockatiels to here and there strike each others when intruding others ones private space?

Also I made video...

And yeah, I have whitefaced for almost a year, does not sing, but big as male, so I guess its female, whiles pearl already did that female mating call, so it is a female.
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