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Hi everyone!

First of all, happy holidays to all of you 🙂

I have a question regarding my 2 cockatiels and budgie that are housed together (all males).1 of the cockatiels, Indy, is bonded to my budgie, Artie. They preen eachother, and bicker like a married couple, will often sleep huddled close together. My other cockatiel, Puck, is not bonded to either of them in the same way. It's more like he tolerates his cagemates, but rather gets out of their way than get in a conflict if they do something he doesn't like. I sometimes wonder if his cagemates stress him out though....
Puck is the only tame one, and he's definitely interested in humans, will whistle and make heartwings at them and such. He loves getting scritches! But he does none of these things with Indy or Artie.
Indy and Artie both are not tame, and will not step up willingly. There have been incidents where they could only be caught using a towel. Indy will hiss and lunge when you get too close to his liking, but he will just leave if you then decide to ignore his 'threat'.

I was wondering, if I would separate Puck from Indy and Arty, would Puck get lonely? He doesn't interact much with the other two, other than sometimes bicker when he doesn't want something (and as I said, usually he'll just move out of the way in stead).

If I were to separate them, the budgie-cockatiel "pair" would be put in a different room (due to the amount of space we have) and then go to a new owner whose pet budgie recently passed, eventually. Puck would be housed in a room that is also inhabited by 4 zebra finches, they can hear but not see eachother. He is tame and well-behaved, and enjoys sitting on my shoulder during out of cage time, and can be easily put back in the cage if needed.
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