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She doesn't DO anything. She just sits wherever she is and seems equally happy caged, on top of her play gym or on her window perch. She has tonnes of toys which I stuff with millet (only place she has millet) but despite constantly showing her how to play with them she never does, she won't touch them and ignores them even when I literally touch the toy to her beak. This includes foraging toys and shredding toys which cockatiels are supposed to love. She doesn't talk and barely makes any noise. I take her outside and we take showers together and I take her to a pet safe cafe to interact with other people so she doesn't get overly bonded to me but even doing these activities she just sits there... crest half raised and relaxed, preening or observing

I dunno... I'm just kind of lost. I got a cockatiel for their whacky personality and was prepared to deal with hijinks. She's never gotten herself onto anything remotely resembling trouble. A blessing for some, but... its like she's not even real. She steps up but won't learn other tricks. She doesn't act happy to see me. She accepts scratches any time but never asks for anything.
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