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So my boyfriend has known his female cockatiel since she was a baby (she is now 12 yrs). She moved away after a few years, and he hadn't seen her after that for like 2 years, until my boyfriend and I recently moved together and decided we wanted her to live with us.

My boyfriend has told me that she has not reacted well to his exes. She basically attacked them when they were affectionate with my boyfriend. My boyfriends mom also told us she seems to prefer men to women.

However, our cockatiel has known us together, so it's not like I'm introduced to their relationship. If anything, she was introduced to ours.

All in all, our cockatiel is bonding well with my boyfriend. She allows him to touch her, scratch her and kiss her. She won't let me near her and hisses and bites at me when I walk past the cage. She never attacks me, but her behavior towards me is getting worse. She used to let me hold her.

My theory is that the more she bonds to my boyfriend, the more she hates me because she may be jealous. However I do not have previous experience with cockatiels so I don't know. My boyfriend laughs it off and says she is just jealous, but honestly, living with a creature that hates your guts for no reason is not pleasant at all and it's really getting on my nerves.

I could really use the advice. What should I do? Could I do anything to change her attitude?


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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