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I'm curious how many of us set out specifically to breed and how many became "accidental breeders" because nature happens ;)

I have had parakeets most of my life. A few years ago, after being bird-free for at least a decade, my husband got me a parrotlet. After getting bitten by the bird bug again, i decided to get adventurous. I started researching cockatiels and found a local breeder. We went to look at the babies. I fell in love with one and my son fell in love with another. The breeder was fairly certain they were both boys. We got 2 flight cages with all the fixings and 6 weeks later brought our "boys" home.

Fast forward 2 years and my boy laid an egg! Over the next couple weeks she laid a total of 14 eggs. The birds lived separately but had a few hours a day out together. None of the eggs were fertile. There were no more eggs for 6 months. Then it started again. My actual male went into the female's cage and refused to come out. So i bought a nest box and researched like crazy.

I decided to co-parent. The birds feed their babes and after a week and a half i began socializing the babies. And it was amazing!

Me and my babies are on our second clutch and our little system is working great. I found amazing homes for our first clutch and through them I've sort of extended my family. I'm so grateful that my babies are excellent parents and their babies are adapting well to their new homes.

We are done breeding now for the year, and i have homes lined up for 2 of the new ones already. I want to continue next year because it's kind of been incredible. My only concern is being able to find homes for the babies.

How do you "advertise" your available babies? I did Craigslist for one available bird and the family had tons of experience with them so i was lucky, but 2 people wanted me to sell them 2 week old babies! I politely declined and they are on my do not sell list.

I feel weird advertising in breeder sites since I'm more of a hobby breeder. I'd appreciate any advice on this, specifically in eastern US. I prefer not to ship because it is weather and cost prohibitive in PA.
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