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Which one?

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Well, contray to all family traditions, my gran gave me money for my birthday so I've now got enough for virtually any type of harness for Echo, which is something I really want as I spend a lot of time outside and feel so bad locking Echo up every time I go outside to work (I live on a farm). Mum really wants me to get a flight suit so he's not pooping everywhere as apparently it stains (it doesn't, but she won't believe me LOL), but I'm pretty good at sewing, so I think I could make a decent one that could be tailored to fit Echo and if it's only used inside when he doesn't need to be controlled, just where Mum doesn't want him pooping (ie hanging out watching TV with me and playing on the carpet etc), the problems of it not being secure aren't there.

So I'm also looking at harnesses and on my list of possibilities are

The Aviator Harness, $49.95+$5.20 postage

The Jazzy bird harness $14+$1.50 postage

Bird Harness $14+$9.25 postage

Flightsuit $24.60+$5.90 postage

I'm leaning towards the aviator harness, as it looks really safe and easy to put on, but not too sure on my skills at making a flight suit LOL, and don't ave the money for both.
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Well the harness should arrive on Monday, and I'm hoping that if all goes well, Echo might be used to it by the sunday, as theres a guinea pig show on (yes I show guinea pigs) which I'll be going to but since my pigs are all under quarantine at the moment, no one to take, but it would be a good first "outing" for Echo as the hall is completely safe and I know everyone there so if asked not to touch him they won't. That is of course if Echo is used to it.
I think it usually takes longer than a week to introduce it properly, but he is a baby so you might be lucky.
He's fine with the flight suit I made him, only mildly irritated by the fact it won't let him preen, and he's used to having things round his neck and me lifting his wings, so I'm hoping all that will be needed is for him to get used to the colour and shape of the harness.
Well the harness has arrived, my parents first comments being you payed $50 for THAT? LOl it's teeny tiny, it ways like nothing, just watching the DVD now before introducing it to Echo, so far all I've found is Echo hates the guys voice on the DVD and started shrieking from another room when he heard it, strange bird he does the same for youtube clips with american accents.
Hmmm still watching the DVD and one complaint is that everything is demonstrated on a scarlet macaw, I can't do any of that with Echo, he's a 75g tiel, if I tried to lift his wing like they do I'd crush the poor birdie.
I know people who have done it on 70g conures so i don't think you'll have a problem.
Yah it's not a problem, just I think they should show other methods beside what methods happen to work for a huge macaw.

Hmm Echo likes the harness LOL, he still hasn't let go of the elastic ;leash, I haven't put it on him, he's just checking it out.
Hmmm, well he thinks the harness is the best toy I've ever gotten him and adores playing with it, but he hates the idea of it around his head, while playing with it he got his head into the right hole and just instantly starting freaking out.
I'm sure he will get used to the idea, when you're giving him head scratches try moving your fingers down either side of his head and eventually forming a finger loop around his neck. This would be a good way to get him used to the feeling.
Yah I've been doing that. I worked out what was freaking him out, it wasn't the collar it was the fact the rest of the harness was loose, he's done the same thing over toys with long flapping parts. I have been doing the other parts the DVD advised since virtually the day I got him, so today I just put the harness on, as soon as it was tightened and he had rearranged his feathers he was an angel, I took him out onto one of the gum trees and he had the best fun singing at the top of his voice the whole time. He was an angel when I took it off as well, he only had it on for a few minutes. So I might keep trying with just putting the harness on and slowly increasing the time, as long as I get it tightened quickly he seems like he'll be fine.
Well we got it on again, the actual putting it on part is the hardest, he hates the way he gets his feet stuck when I'm rearranging it, but as soon as it's on apart from rearranging his feathers and chewing the elastic part he doesn't notice it. I think it's the just the idea of being tangled which starts the panicking. Hopefully when I get better at putting it on I'll get it on fast enough that he doesn't notice.
Just another update, so far all is going well. Echos taught me two things, one that the harness must be done up as tight as I can make it, or he's going to stick his feet in and start screaming and two if we play flappies immediately after he completely forgets he has a harness on, the only part he registers is the lead part which he likes beaking. He's really good about it though, and have to say the harness is fantastic, would def recommend it, even with the price tag.
I'm so glad that it worked well for you. :) I would love to see some photos of him wearing it. :D
Heres some pics, he's really picky about the lead as well, he likes it with the buckle on top but the lead under his wing, has right tantrums when it's not right LOL.

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Awww, he looks so handsome in his little harness! :p That first pic is just so cute!
LOL, will look even cuter when he actually has flight feathers, I've tried counting and theres at least 8 feathers missing on each wing, seems a tad much, especially since they did it before the poor boy learnt to fly, he makes a right mess of it every time he tries.

He does that pose constantly though, I still can't work out if he does it for the heck of it, or if he does it for balance
Echo looks adorable in his new harness!! :D
Well we've got the show tomorrow and I will take Echo along, we won't stay for the whole duration and when he starts to get fidgety and annoyed will take him home as it's only a short drive from my house, but he's fairly good with the harness, he spent two and a half hours in it yesterday playing in the gum trees and on the grass and was completely fine.
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