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Which one?

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Well, contray to all family traditions, my gran gave me money for my birthday so I've now got enough for virtually any type of harness for Echo, which is something I really want as I spend a lot of time outside and feel so bad locking Echo up every time I go outside to work (I live on a farm). Mum really wants me to get a flight suit so he's not pooping everywhere as apparently it stains (it doesn't, but she won't believe me LOL), but I'm pretty good at sewing, so I think I could make a decent one that could be tailored to fit Echo and if it's only used inside when he doesn't need to be controlled, just where Mum doesn't want him pooping (ie hanging out watching TV with me and playing on the carpet etc), the problems of it not being secure aren't there.

So I'm also looking at harnesses and on my list of possibilities are

The Aviator Harness, $49.95+$5.20 postage

The Jazzy bird harness $14+$1.50 postage

Bird Harness $14+$9.25 postage

Flightsuit $24.60+$5.90 postage

I'm leaning towards the aviator harness, as it looks really safe and easy to put on, but not too sure on my skills at making a flight suit LOL, and don't ave the money for both.
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I bought the harnesses for budgies and tiels - they were both a fiqure 8 design, I couldn't fiqure out how to use them and once i thought i did my birds almost choked thier self but got out of them - glad i was inside!

this is the flight suit i bought, but it was on sale when i bought it

by the way bird poop does stain the carpet @ my other house I had tan carpet all through the main rooms(living room , bedrooms) and I had multi colored dots every where a bird ever went to the bathroom

in my house i'm in now I have marroon carpet and I still have stains where the birds Miss the rugs or trays :mad:

the flight suit i trust more so then a harness, We used it on our quaker and 2 of our tiels
i'll have to see if the store i bought it at has it on thier website, because we took them back the same day we bought them

I put the one for budgies on my budgie, and it about choked him to death so i took it off and did it again (followed the directions to the T) and he got out of it within seconds of it bieng on, if i find it i'll repost here

I found it , it was the Feather Tether

we had the size for quakers and Parakeets (which was xtra small - Petite)

and on both of them thier feet kept getting caught in the material its made out of

on my quaker he unsnapped the clipping mechanism on his own and got out of it
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1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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