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Which one?

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Well, contray to all family traditions, my gran gave me money for my birthday so I've now got enough for virtually any type of harness for Echo, which is something I really want as I spend a lot of time outside and feel so bad locking Echo up every time I go outside to work (I live on a farm). Mum really wants me to get a flight suit so he's not pooping everywhere as apparently it stains (it doesn't, but she won't believe me LOL), but I'm pretty good at sewing, so I think I could make a decent one that could be tailored to fit Echo and if it's only used inside when he doesn't need to be controlled, just where Mum doesn't want him pooping (ie hanging out watching TV with me and playing on the carpet etc), the problems of it not being secure aren't there.

So I'm also looking at harnesses and on my list of possibilities are

The Aviator Harness, $49.95+$5.20 postage

The Jazzy bird harness $14+$1.50 postage

Bird Harness $14+$9.25 postage

Flightsuit $24.60+$5.90 postage

I'm leaning towards the aviator harness, as it looks really safe and easy to put on, but not too sure on my skills at making a flight suit LOL, and don't ave the money for both.
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Without a doubt i would go with the aviator harness!! :D It has such a fantastic reputation, comes with a training dvd so you can learn how to use it most effectively, and it's supposed to be the most comfortable and escape proof harness on the market.
I think if he's easy to work with now he'll take really well to the aviator. It's more expensive, but i think you will get what you pay for. The two harnesses other than the flight suit and aviator i wouldn't consider at all, they look cheap and just generally suss. :p
You should post some pics of your homemade flight suit. They aren't a highly complex design, that's for sure!
I think it usually takes longer than a week to introduce it properly, but he is a baby so you might be lucky.
I know people who have done it on 70g conures so i don't think you'll have a problem.
I'm sure he will get used to the idea, when you're giving him head scratches try moving your fingers down either side of his head and eventually forming a finger loop around his neck. This would be a good way to get him used to the feeling.
I'm so glad that it worked well for you. :) I would love to see some photos of him wearing it. :D
Awww, he looks so handsome in his little harness! :p That first pic is just so cute!
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