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When to Separate Birds

Beaking. Nipping. Kicking away from food and water. Biting. Excessive plucking.

Do you know when it is too far?

Plucking is normal with some breeding pairs. But if it becomes to the point that one bird is becoming bald or starts bleeding, it is smart to separate the birds.

Nipping may be ok as long as there is no blood drawn. If blood is drawn, birds must be separated before one bird is severely injured. Blood loss can kill a bird.

Beaking is ok as long as it does not escalate. Beaking is when two birds sort of joust with their beaks in an argument over a toy, food bowl, or perch. If beaking escalates to biting or is excessive it is best to separate the birds.

Birds that cannot coexist in the same cage may seriously injure one another or kill one another. Please watch new additions carefully to watch if you need to separate your birds. Just because they are a male and female and/or the same species, does not mean they are guaranteed to get along.

Birds may bicker over food bowls, and if this is minor, this can be fixed. You simply provide more food bowls in the cage than the offending bird can protect.

Birds may bicker over sleeping perches. If this is the case, simply provide more perches at the same height. Give each bird their own space.

If a bird constantly chases the other, this can cause stress on the defending bird. Please separate the birds for the birds psychological health.

Always give each bird enough space and if they're known to bicker a bit, give them a little extra space than recommended for two.

Birds can be expected to bicker occasionally and this may not be a problem. But if one bird seems stressed or if there is blood and/or injury involved, it is best to separate the birds.

Always provide enough food and water for the amount of birds in the cage, provide enough space, toys, and perches for everyone.

Birds should be happy and safe in their cage, not terrorized and hurt.

(the photo is optional to use, i just happened to be there right time and place taking pictures lol)
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