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I just recently purchased a pearl female tile from a breeder at a bird fair just weeks before I lost my last cockatiel I had whom was over twenty years old.
I got her on September 8th and she has quickly got accustomed to her cage environment and myself-walking around the cage but though she hasn't been handled I'm wondering when us a good time to try to get her use to me in trying to get her use to my hands, in picking her up?
I ask mostly because she has been getting g restless and wanting to come out. As a baby it's clear that she has been hand fed as a baby but never hand trained.
The breeder told me to wait a month or so to get her settled but I know birds are individuals too. I'd like to try soon but at the same time I HATE TO BE HASTY. I haven't had a new tile since my last birds of 15years and my lotion whom died this month and having him for again. Over twenty years. (27 years I think. I miss him still)
My new tile Rae is almost a year old.
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