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What to do with 3 babies who'd rather fly around the room then eat?

The 3 I'm hand feeding Cry to be fed But When i start feeding them they take a bite or two then they're off zooming around the room and Won't eat

they're all almost 2 months old

they're eating a little bit of Pellets,Millet and fresh veggies but not enough to fill them up

The other 2 i hand fed last month Wasn't like this, They got their bellies full then they'd want to fly around the room
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The pellets, are there for them 24/7

Im still hand feeding them they're just making it a bit more complicated when one starts flying around I put that one up get another one, feed it til it starts flying around Put it back get the 3rd, and do it all over again until they're full

but It was much easier when they'd eat until they got their bellies full then start do their wondering around lol
I hand feed them with a spoon :)

I prefer the spoon so once they'll start taking their formula off the spoon I don't bring the syringe with me any more :D

its so much easier to feed them off a spoon
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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