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What to do with 3 babies who'd rather fly around the room then eat?

The 3 I'm hand feeding Cry to be fed But When i start feeding them they take a bite or two then they're off zooming around the room and Won't eat

they're all almost 2 months old

they're eating a little bit of Pellets,Millet and fresh veggies but not enough to fill them up

The other 2 i hand fed last month Wasn't like this, They got their bellies full then they'd want to fly around the room
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My 3 are just over a month and they do the same.

I leave millet out for them, plus seed, veggies (but not for long they go all yucky) and they get hand fed still, but they do the same as yours, they will have a bit of the formula and then they aren't interested after it and prefer to fly around rather then have some food and have a full belly before wanting to go exploring. :rolleyes:

Maybe they don't want the formula anymore, and they want to go onto the pellets and etc, a lady I know who breeds 'tiels said around that age some 'tiels can/will go off the formula. I guess as long as they have food out and they know it's there for them then it'll be alright.

- What about feeding them in a completely different room?
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