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What to do with 3 babies who'd rather fly around the room then eat?

The 3 I'm hand feeding Cry to be fed But When i start feeding them they take a bite or two then they're off zooming around the room and Won't eat

they're all almost 2 months old

they're eating a little bit of Pellets,Millet and fresh veggies but not enough to fill them up

The other 2 i hand fed last month Wasn't like this, They got their bellies full then they'd want to fly around the room
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I would still give them some handfeedings and still have food out for them to eat all the time. I would worry about them not getting enough nutrition.
Well than if thats the case don't forget to have something to eat yourself afterwards, all that work must make you hungry :p
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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