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What mutations do you think this pair is?

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What Does this pair look like to y'all? I don't think they are what I was told they were, because I can't find a single picture that looks like them under the mutations I was told they were.

This is Jack and Jill (Jack is on the left), Jill is on the right

Jack from the back

Jill from the back (well partially)

here's what i was told they were

Jill- Silver Pied (no idea what sort of silver, but she doesn't have red eyes)

Jack- Emerald Pied
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I was gonna say cinnamon pearl pied for both.. but Jill does look a bit more silvery than cinnamon....

cinnamon pearl pied

another one a bit more silvery
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dominant silver has black eyes
recessive silver red eyes

so maybe dominant silver pearl pied......

the pearl and pied are a sure bet....

not sure about emerald..
emeralds are not green... but i too kinda see a green hue in some...¿¿??

check this web for pics on olive (emerald) and platimun tiels

there´s also the parrotpages.... google cockatiel mutation project and it shoudl be first choice... then click on dominant silver and pied/peral whatever and it shoudl show a few pics
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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