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I ask because I am a bit overwhelmed from which company/brand i should buy aspen wood shavings from now.
I recently ran out of wood shavings for my baby cockatiels nest and decided to buy some again and this time the bigger bag so i would not run out.
However, when the bag arrived and i opened it i notice a VERY strong scent of what i can only describe as the stuff they put on new wood desks to make them glossy/shiny.

I was confused because when i bought the small bag the first time it didn't smell like anything. But this big bag has that strong scent to it. I went to the website and i notice on the description it says "Formulated with aromatic oils " while on the bag it says it does not have any. But clearly this second bag i bought has something in it because the smell is so strong.

So my issue is now i don't trust the brand and i don't know from which other brand i should buy aspen wood shavings from. I heard Kaytee aspen shavings are good but when i asked on the website if it can be used as cockatiel nesting material they replied saying it is not recommended and that they have one specifically for birds which i tried to find and i only found some wood pellets which I'm not sure you can use as nesting material.

So i thought I ask here what brands do others buy from that they know are safe for bird nesting material? If it is not too much to ask would you link me to the place you buy it from too? There are so many different brands it gets confusing for me to know which one i should go with.
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