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West Nile Virus

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I was wondering if anyone is concerned about West Nile Virus. I was reading a bird talk magazine and it said that west nile virus can possibly be deadly to parrots. It said to get a mosquito net and put it over your birds cages at night. I think I am going to get some nets to put over my birds cages at night. What do you guys think about west nile? Here is a link about west nile virus Anyone think Iam just being way to paranoid :wacko: :blush:
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I was very concerned about it especially since it was very prevalent in my area with the wetlands nearby. We would chase mosquitoes around the house until we haunted them all down; we sure weren't going to take any chances. I heard about some people around here coming down with it and I saw a few birds, especially of the crow family, dying of it. So very scary, but they do say those who are left are now immune to West Nile and the danger is past. This leads me to hope that our parrots are probably safe from it. But better safe then sorry. I still plan on being watchful this year too.
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