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So I'm recommending this from experience with horses, not birds, so PLEASE PLEASE check with your vet before doing any of this!

There is a product popular in the equine (and human) industry called Back on Track. I forget the specific details but it is supposed to relax muscles, heal, and overall create a better moving, less painful animal. I believe it is effective on arthritis. BOT is a fabric, I believe they make a throw blanket. What you could possibly do is buy a blanket and cover several perches/ledges in the fabric so your bird is in contact with it on a regular basis.

There are also oral joint supplements such as MSM that are used in a variety of species, (cats, dogs, horses, humans) that could possibly be effective for your bird Of course, you DEFINITELY want to check with your vet on this one, I have no idea if it is safe for birds.

You might also consider looking into herbs such as Devil's Claw and Yucca, both pain relievers, and seeing if they are safe for birds.

Hope this info helps you out!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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