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My oldest male cockatiel, Sea-sea, is a rescue, so we don't know how old he is for sure but we estimate that he's about 18-20.

In the last year or two he's been getting Arthritis in both feet. He can't really grip perches/fingers anymore. His feet only close about half way around with his toes loose and barely touching my finger. Climbing the bars of the flock cage that he shares with the other tiels takes him much longer now. If he does perch, it's on the larger rope perches only.
He tends to sit at the bottom of the cage to sleep, but during the day will try to climb up to top to spend time with the rest of the flock.

I hate to see him struggle and be in pain.

I am moving him to a long flat cage with a few very low perches so he doesn't have to climb as much. Is there anything else that I could do to make his last years of life comfortable?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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