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I have weight face Cockatiels the first clutch went fine hand feed babies no problem 2nd clutch nest box was full of fermenting poop so I pulled the babies crop was just full of water it would shrink to half size after 12 hours feed a little formula but wasn't emptying tried to suck out bad stuff treated with apple cider vinegar with the mother pedelight antibacterial medicine thrive the beak and skin would turn white and they died did this in 2 weeks period now the 3rd clutch same thing crop just full of water it shrinks down 1st 3 picture is after 8 hrs 2nd group of pictures is 12 hrs so far treated with antibacterial once in 2 days gave a little formula maybe 1 1/2 ml did not empty in 8 hours so I gave it 1 1/2 ml of home made pedelight I'm thinking parents have something wrong good parents just don't understand just water crops were over full like a balloon no air
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