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Hi,I´m new to this forum.My lady vet suggested I sign up.
Our bird has been ill since the end of November 2020.
The vet put her onto AB as the Tiel started regurgitating white fluid.She took a crop swab and it came back as a Enterobacter Cloacae complex bacteria.The vet prescribed Baytril.The bird was given 5 injections and then 2 more days of oral Baytril.She improved a bit.A local bird breeder suggested,I give the Tiel Ronidazole to rule out Trichomoniasis.
The bird has been on Ronidazole for 2 days and is still regurgitating the white fluid....She eats as she is quite hungry,the poor thing.
Has anyone come across this situation?
Please can some one share some thoughts with me.Thanks.
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