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So I was planning on introducing my cockatiel to veggies, cereals and protein foods very soon, however I'm not really sure if the plan I have come up with is good or not? I have been reading quiet a few things on what cockatiels can eat and I came up with this. Please give me any advice on portions, whether these are good foods, a good time to feed these foods, if everyday is recommended or if it's better to feed less of these foods, or just anything really.

Meal 1 - Cooked Pasta, Cooked Chicken, Endive Lettuce, Red Capsicum
Meal 2 - Whole Wheat Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Kale, Shredded Carrots
Meal 3 - Cooked Brown Rice, Cooked Chicken, Parsley, Green Capsicum
Meal 4 - Fresh Peas & Fresh Corn, Hard Boiled Egg, Kale, Pumpkin
Meal 5 - Cooked Pasta, Cooked Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Red Capsicum
Meal 6 - Baked Sweet Potato, Scrambled Eggs, Kale, Shredded Carrots
Meal 7 - Cooked Brown Rice, Cooked Chicken, Broccoli (the top part), Green Capsicum

The reason why I have 7 different meals is so he can have somewhat of a variety everyday. I was planning on rotating it after a week was up. So please help me! I really would like to get my cockatiel eating healthy as quickly as possible, and I would really appreciate your help :)
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