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Hey, my tiel named Coco is about a year old now. A very happy and jolly bird. Loves to interact with people.

Trouble is, I have to travel to my native city now that my semester is over. This holiday is very long, for around 30 days. I have to leave him with a trusted family who loves him (no trouble at all). They haven't interacted with him much though because they met him at like five-six occasions. But all the changes he will face and all, will he be fine for such a long time? I mean, I was thinking of telling them not to get him out of the cage for safety reasons but he is so used to being with me all the time out of the cage. Will he be depressed? I just don't want him to suffer from mental issues. :(

The breeder I brought him from would also take him, but he will be stuffed in with other birds, which is another risk. And that guy is repeatedly saying that if anything happens to him it won't be his responsibility. I can't take that chance. :(

I would have taken him with me. But this vacation would be a lot hectic for me and I won't be staying at one place. It would be stressful for him if he comes with me.

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