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You say that the male only attacks her when she is out of the nestbox. It looks like the male is telling her that he wants her to go sit on the eggs because he is off duty right now.

This happened with one of my pairs in their first year of breeding. If the hen didn't go in the nest when the male came out, he would chase her around until she went in. So she learned to go in when she saw him come out, and the attacks stopped. The eggs stayed nice and warm, and all six of them hatched.

When you see an attack, one way to stop it is to pick up the hen and put her in the nestbox. That will help teach her where she needs to be.

Your male might have some nontraditional ideas about when he is supposed to sit on the eggs. The most common arrangement is for the hen to sit on the eggs all night, and the male sits on them for most of the day with the hen taking over temporarily when he comes out to eat and poop. It's going to cause problems if he thinks that the hen should sit on the eggs for most of the day and she thinks that it's his job to do that.
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