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Urgent fluffy and sleepy

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I received this cute couple 2 days ago from a relative who didn't take much care for them and the kid in their household used to bang the cages so now they are really scared of humans. Since yesterday morning the female bird appeared sleepy and fluffed up. But she didn't have any problem with taking food and water. She also was active by playing on her ladder and swing put frequently inbetween she becomes fluffy and sleeps on her perch. Since yesterday i am giving them multi vitamins in their water. Can anyone suggest ways to help her.
P.S.both also spends most of their time preening their feathers. The bird i am talking about is the left one in the picture.
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I'm VERY glad to hear you rescued this pair from people that didn't need birds in the first place! Since they were obviously treated bad, give this pair extra time to seattle in and get use to there new ( and caring ) home. The extra preening could be from dry feathers. Do you give them spray (bottle) showers with lukewarm water? That helps a lot. Although it's expensive, you might consider taking them both in for a vet check up since I doubt either one has ever seen a vet.
I'm not sure what options you have in your country but find a plant supply store of some type and just purchase a cheap plastic spray bottle like you would spray ( or mist ) plants with. Using lukewarm water simulates rain to the birds. This helps there feathers. As to a good brand on pellets, SEE if you can find ( hopefully on-line ) a 10 lbs bag of Roudybush. It has a good source of nutrition in it they need. IF you can get your birds to eat it, most greens are good for them as well such as broccoli. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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