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I left my cockatiels under my parents care for about a week, I was not in town. I am not sure when she got hurt, I came back yesterday morning and was a little busy unpacking, etc and so I didn't notice the wound. Today while deciding to bathe them I was handling them and I noticed something off with the feathers, I thought she maybe plucked some of the feathers. But before I sprayed them with water I took her in my hand and scratched a awhile. She was all happy and calm in my hands and so I was started looking at the wing, she was a little resistant to show me her wing, but I was able to get a good look and the skin at the joints or bones of the wing seems to have turned black (like when humans have their blood turned black when we get hurt)

I was pretty shook, after having some words with my mom and she explaining what happened, I called the breeder I got my birds from (they are into their 4th month) and asked him for advice. He says my bird will be fine so long as she is clear and doing her daily activities, but I work 10-6 and I am not able to watch her all day. I've been watching her for the past two hours, she is active, she's chewing everything in her path, chattering, flying and everything.

But I fear the worst. But breeder guy told me he doesn't have much experience with hurt birds.

Any help with how I should proceed with this would be greatly appreciated.
I don't want to go see a vet as I, there aren't any avian vets in close proximity. I'd have to travel with my bird for a long time, I don't want to put her through that now.

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