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Hi everyone,
I have a baby cockatiel, he is 16 days old, and I have taken care of him since he was 5 days old because his parents abandoned him. This is also my very first time take care of such a small baby parrot.

He was doing okay until yesterday when I fed him with the syringe. At first, he was very active and hungry but after the first 2ml of formula, he stopped begging and became chill and ignored all the remained formula. A couple of hours later, his neck has become swollen and more red.

I took him to the vet and the vet said that my tiel might have a crop burn but he was "not so sure" about my tiel's status as he was not specialized in birds. That vet was also the only one I could found in my town. The other vet I can contact is about 120 miles from my town.

So I think may be I can get some help here. Does anyone know about this swelling thing and how can I help to cure it, my baby still has normal poop and he still demands food but eats less than before, his crop drains slower than before.

Thank you very much.
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