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Both are eating on their own now. I haven't gave them formula in over a week now. They are eating and drinking plenty. They have three dishes in their cage, one has water, one has their pellet/seed mix and the other I put something different in everyday. The seem to like cherios and popcorn most. I have also put mixed veggies which they pick at. Today I put a couple raw baby carrots in it. I bought broccoli and cauliflour for them, I will try that today with the carrots at lunch time.

I chose to clip their wings. Chiclet was doing great flying, she flew into the wall once and then never again. She would play tag with me and always flew right onto our finger if we asked her too. Mojo wasn't really getting the whole flying thing. She could fly and land on our finger if we were really close to her, if we weren't she always flew into the walls and fell to the floor. We gave her a week and there was no changes so we clipped them. I will let them grow out and see how she does then. They both step up very well and love the head scratches.

Mojo is sooo loud all the time. She does both the "come here" whistle and wolf whistle. She also does this other whistle that sounds like a referee's whistle, the little metal whistles you blow. Any new sound we make she listens and pays close attention. She is always interested in whats going on.

Chiclet is quiet most of the time. She is more into climbing around and finding new things around to play with. She has played with the idea of maybe taking a bath in the water dish. She makes one loud chirp and she does this little quiet chatter. When she is chattering I start saying hello to her and she has said it back a few times. She likes to "hang" upside down and spread her wings and tail out alot.

P.S. - I am charging the camera battery as I type so I should have new pics tonight!
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That it great they are now successfully weaned, congrats lol. Maybe Mojo is a boy? With all those whistles and chatting you would have thought male...but perhaps not. Can't wait for pics. :D
Unless the breeder got the parents mixed up (which is totally possible seeing as they have over 4000 birds) then they are both female.

I heard them both hiss for the first time today. Guess they don't like the camera much!
hissing is usually a female thing, females can whistle, just not as much as the males, my Minnie is dna female and she chatters and whisltes if it wasn't for dna I would have thought she was a male ;)
Aww! Poor chicklet flying into the wall:(

I would have thought she was a male too :)
Well I put a couple pieces of brocoli in thier cage with a clip (like millet spray) and they think its a new perch.. lol Oh wait! One of them is piging out on it now!!
Well I put a couple pieces of brocoli in thier cage with a clip (like millet spray) and they think its a new perch.. lol Oh wait! One of them is piging out on it now!!
LOL! It's perfect that you have them since they were tiny babies-it's easier to introduce as many foods as possible.
OHHH monkey see, monkey do!! Both are eating it. Chiclet hasn't left it alone! She is LOVING it!!

Can I give them raw cauliflour too? They seem to like raw.

OH I better go get the camera..LOL
Cauliflower is fine for them. Mine like it better then brocolli...I do too..:)
I like cauliflower better too, lol! :p That's awesome that they're both weaned and doing well. They are two seriously gorgeous babies.
Caulifloweris great for them. Earl and Little Bill love Brocolli more :D But like lettuce and egg and other stuff:)
Just introduce more different varieties of foods :)

Glad they are eating on there own :D:D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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