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update on stretch

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hi all i thought this would make you all know how good a breeder i have here is the last email she sent me this morning

Good morning right back at ya..:)

Sometimes when the bird is fully weaned it can not eat when it goes to it's
new home. Thats because the hand feeding is a security thing for the bird. I
always say to my bird people to make sure the bird is eating and let me know
right away if it doesn't so I can step in and fix the situation.

When a bird goes to it's new home I always give a sample of the morning
feeding stuff I feed. That way the bird is used to it. I also tell the
person to make sure they have millet on hand because if a bird is going to
be picky it will eat the millet.

You don't have anything to worry about because we live so close to each

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thats very nice she takes the time to give you all the instructions looks like you found a winner ;)
Those are instructions i could've used when i got Bailee. He stopped eating and i had to hand feed for a few extra days.
I had to feed hugs and slush for a bit over a week. They didn't want to stop. It was great fun besides the screaming for food lol.
hey bea i was talking to lori and she said you can use that info only that you neen to edit it that the call there breeder and to request a sample of the food they have been feeding
Can i ask which breeder you use? Im in Ontario too and love to know about local breeders ;) hehe

Kirby :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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