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currently 5 months with this little guy! it's been quite interesting as a newbie cockatiel owner. before he was the most aggressive little bird i've ever met, he's warmed up quite a bit since. a couple months ago he would only allow me to scritch through the cage bars. i now have allowed him to leave and enter the cage as he pleases, and so he lets me scritch his head from outside now! much better to reach spots i couldn't scratch previously :D
he was a pearl :pearl: when i got him, but after the first molt he looks like a normal grey :grey tiel: he's a handsome young feller now!
he's been repeating certain whistles and noises that i make, but i can only hear them when i leave the room (he gets noisy when i leave).
recently, i've been able to have him step onto my arm. i think he's scared of my fingers being anywhere near his feet since he has no problem with me scritching. i can't wait to see how much different he'll be as more time goes on. each day he's coming out of his shell more and more and i'm proud of him.
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