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Hello! here’s a bit of an up about my tiel named ilo! i have post a few about my bird and the concerns about him. if you hadn’t known, he had poo all over his vent which is a major worry for any new bird owner. he also preened a lot and struggled moving around his cage. Luckily, these issues haven been solved!
ilo had poop all over his vent and it did make me very anxious especially as a new tiel owner! i called the vet and she told me it was most likely stress. i switched his food because the problem was me trying to make him eat new food too quickly. i decided to wait it out before taking him in. it worked! his vent has cleaned up really well and i’m relieved that he isn’t sick.
i think he’s settling in really well now. his personality is shining through🤗 he is starting to play with all his toys. he is flying around his cage, getting around perfectly. he loves to play with my hair and earrings! he also is starting to get addicted with scritches and cuddles. he’s very curious and loves to make whistles in his cage.
ilo is getting comfortable in my house and with me and i could never been happier!

sincerely, ilo and his mom.
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