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Hi, My question is, what hairdryers are safe to use? Thanks for any response.

Don’t need to read this but it’s just some background info.
I’m quite a worrier about my cockatiel Charlie as my adopted budgie suddenly died a couple of months ago. I’ve been in the birdie community for just under a year now and it’s been so educational about birds and also things that I didn’t know were unsafe for humans too! I recently read this article which talks about the dangers of teflon
Even electric blankets are unsafe! So I had to throw mine away as I’d rather be freezing than lose my boy.
I’m 14 with a massive passion towards birds but I also live with my parents which means they also have some dangerous stuff. They accept that chemicals are bad for birds and us. I think I must have anxiety as I worry about him 24/7 and even though my budgie probably wasn’t healthy, I was a lot more laid back. The bird community is quite harsh and I understand that I can only do what I can do but what if that isn’t enough. My parents are not as enthusiastic about learning about birds as I am so even though they know some dangers, I’m worried that if I’m not at home, they might do something or multiple things that could, eventually kill him. I know that if they go out, they both use some kind of aerosol and after repeatedly telling them to use it outside just before leaving, they still do it in the house. Their defence is that it’s not in the same room. I always turn the air purifier on but my mum turns it off if she thinks the room is too cold. And I don’t know if she would put it on without me there. I don’t know why you need to know all this but I just want to express my feelings.
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