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Two new friends

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Hi on September 20th we adopted Honey and Flash. We were told Flash is male and younger. Honey is female and been to a vet due to a birth defect on/near her eye. The man that had them before took her to be seen to make sure she wasn't ill or in pain.
They have a decent size cage and have room but don't seem to understand simple things. They won't sit on their swing. Honey often sits on the cuddle bone. They won't even approach a simple toy. They totally freak out if i attempt to handle them. Their wings were clipped so they wouldn't get hurt flying off.
Honey will constantly attack my fingernails if I hold her. They will sit and climb around on top of the cage.
Please any advice on how to make this transition easier for them.
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My daughter and her poodle Thor
Flash (whiteface?) Honey (lutino)
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That is a REALLY cool photo but you might want to keep in mind that dogs are natural born preditors to birds just like cats. That could be ONE of the reasons for the tiels freaking out. Another issue going by your post if the fact that it sounds like neither of your tiels were "hand tamed" and raised by there original owners. That's why they are so hard to handle. They CAN (in time) overcome this but it takes extra work and patience on your part.
We had birds as a child and our dog was just fine around them. Yes I dont think they were handled. I think the man is a pet horder. We do supervise the animals around each other. We don't have cats. I would like too get them male in a bath. He bites. The female is getting better.
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Would recommend to keep away your dog next to your cocktails birds can attack them and cause death of them are out move your dogs to another room and close the door
We supervise the animals. Thank you tho
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