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Tweety taiming proccess

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Hello, i rescued tweety (female lutino) a week ago and iven been working on taming for 6 days. She eats letuce and sprayed millets from my hand normally but she doesnt step up yet. She doesnt take sunflower seeds from my hand or any type of seeds bc she doesnt like my hand too close.when we got her she was scared and jump and panics when we get too close but now i get much closer and even if i get too close she hisses and bite softly but not run away is this a sign of trust? Ive been letting her out of the cage lately bc i found out a way to put her back without acctually touching outside the cage she seems to be bad at flying and espicially at landing does anyone know why? And outside the cage i can get closer to her without her hissing.

Thanks for reading.
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Something i forgot to mention is she started landing on me but so i think that is a good sign too!
Yesssss that is a great sign! Especially her being almost a year old, since it鈥檚 harder to tame them when they鈥檙e not babies. Keep finding treats she likes and award her every time she does something good.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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