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Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this, Im pretty new to having cockatiels so still getting use to the behavior of them.
I got my first cockatiel 10 weeks ago, she came to me from a pet shop in a pretty bad state, anyway fast forward two weeks and i got her a friend a hand reared cockatiel also a female...... I did 30 days quarantine and have started to introduce then to each other and to start with they both seemed very happy, there was no hissing and they seemed to get i put the cage next to each other to start with then let them out to meet. about a week ago one of the tiels (storm) behavior seems to have changed......she walks really fast towards yoshi with her head down and keeps walking and nugging her till she moves from where she is......then follows her and repeats this, and it seems to be haping more often.

what is this behavior from the looks of it she looks angry,and she wants the other tiel to move (which she does) then she follows her to where she has moved and does it again? but when i put them back in there cages (separate ones) she seems to want to she her and is climbing and calling for her, she doesn't hiss at her or flare her feathers she does does the matching towards her thing and sometimes nibbles her feet? not sure if they will become room mates and might need to keep them sparate?
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