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Hello! I recently bought two Cockatiels from a petstore I do think that they are bonded since they follow eachother, let the otherone take the lead and if it seems safe the other one will try it too. They generally seem to enjoy their time in the cage, they can sleep and relax and they eat and drink. I've also seen them play on occation; All this with my hand in the cage too.

I do not know their genders yet, and I haven't done much to try and figure it out since they are young. They are around 8-9 months as far as I know and they are not handtamed, and what I heard they hadn't had much real interactions with humans beside people looking at them in the store, they've always eaten seedmix so they aren't interessted in anything new yet. Which is a problem since I have tried to give them millet, even putting it inside the cage and has so far been untouched. I have bought various fruits and berries and sliced them in different ways to see if anything was of interest. Only thing that has dissapeared was some sugarpeas which I see as a little breaktrough.

I do have them next to my computer and myself where I spend a lot of time daily, and I would say they do not seem to fear my presence anymore. I can even have my hand in there, relatively close as this is something I've done for a few days with my hand much time being in there completely still. With both seeds and not in my palm. They will not go near it however, most of the time. Rarely they do think it looks interessting and jumps down close but quickly leaves again.

I've been googling a lot but I am hoping to find some tips about how to get them to like Millet as I believe that'd be an easy way to get them to get something new and tasty out of my hand to give them more fun associations with it.
Also some tips about how I can proceed to get them more tame and hopefully get them to at least eat from my hand with time.

Also FYI they do live in the same cage, it's big and have a little toys and a couple perches.
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