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Hey there fellow cockatiel lovers!

Let me introduce her majesty, Princess Totya, first of her name.
She arrived to us during the summer, being her mistrustful self ever since.
She's the queen of all the spinach in the realm and willingly destroys her subjects like a common sea monster.
In other names, she's my pet dragon.

The only problem with the lass is that she has serious trust issues ever since I got her. She trembles all the time I approach, although graciously allows kisses on the head and beak after she calms down if I don't intend to get carried away with it. Won't stay on my fingers, always "runs" back to the top of her cage, where she literally does nothing all day. She has a cage stuffed with beautiful things to chew, a lovely swing and all, but she still chooses to sit outside in ONE place (except in the morning when she flies like crazy in my room until she gets tired). Her poop seems fine, so I pretty much ruled out sickness, although she's kinda moulting now. Sometimes I catch her sleeping on one leg, but never with head tucked away on her back, that would need too much trust I think.
Not sure if the lack of trust, but what else could cause that she's so bored and inactive during the rest of the day? She literally just sits in one place, sometimes sleeps, sometimes just looks at me suspiciously. Is she so terrified of me that she chooses to not even do anything because I might jump at her and eat her alive at any moment? Am I really the big predator even after 3 months? Doesn't vocalize at all (apart from the screams in the morning while she flies like a crazy dragon). Although I know that females are a bit more quiet, but is this the explanation for the behaviour she shows? Isn't she supposed to uhm...explore her surroundings or something? Isn't she bored? I think she's very bored, I still try my best to "entertain" her, we're watching movies together, I completely move beside her and her cage and I'm feeding her millet and everything. But she still doesn't do anything but stand on that perch I attached outside of her cage.
Is there any way to stimulate her? Some system I could apply to use in taming her?

* I also forgot to mention, that she's an older (at least mature) cockatiel, not sure how old is she, because she ended up with us after being found on the streets, and nobody claimed her. She has awful tail feathers, one of them has a few stress bars too, other ones are broken in half, so I presume knowing how much she hates being in the cage and she doesn't do much only stands in one place all day even if she's out, she must have been a neglected cage bird, who probably broke her feathers while climbing on the cage bars (which she still does whenever she's locked up because I'm off to somewhere, she really hates cages) and the stress bars are pretty self explaining too, maybe she also had a bad diet. But well, perhaps these are only speculations, but would explain why it is so hard to do anything with her.
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