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Top Knotless!!!

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This little girl was born without a crest. Her name is Splash because she loves bathing in her water dish.

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Awww...she's still adorable. I wonder what caused it. I know some can be up to 3 inches in height..some not so much. I haven't seen one as short as hers though.
wow how pretty and strange, i wonder if she could be genetically the start of a new tiel mutation -crestless!
if i was her owner, i would want to breed her to see if she throws any crestless babies!
Ussually, under us show tiel standards the crest should be higher then I think 3 inches or something so the idea would be to breed two high crest tiels to achive big crest babies. I really want to know what causes it...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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