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Hello! My 2-3 y/o male Popo has been tapping his toe out of the blue. It's very strange.

He will tap his right foot over and over, alternating with picking at his foot in a specific place (where the feathered part of his leg meets the scaly toe part of his leg). At first I thought he was trying to get something off his foot, but he did it on and off for about an hour in the evening last night before he went to sleep. Now it's nearly 6 PM here and he's just started it again.

Again, I thought it might be an itch, but it's a very twitchy motion, sometimes coupled with his head twitching, too, almost like it's more of a compulsion.

Anyone else had this happen before? I'm going to make an appt with my vet once my paycheck comes in but that won't be until the 20. I'm afraid I cannot afford the bill until then (vet only does same-day payment...).

Some stats that might help get a picture of him...

Diet: His diet is 50% ZuPreem FruitBlend pellets (the colored ones) and 50% Nutriberries, as was recommended by his vet. He does get fresh veg on occasion but he is very picky, only likes cauliflower and spinach if he doesn't recognize it as such (typical picky tiel).

Interaction: He is not a bored birdie! I work from home and am with him all day. He plays and sings, and his behavior has been normal over the last few days, a young loud posturing boy. He's been his normal amount of playful and full of it.

One thing I will say is that the last time he got his wings clipped, which was two weeks ago, he just did NOT internalize the concept that they will clipped. Usually he learns in a couple days that he can't fly anymore, and will find other ways of getting where he needs to go. But this time he has been so stubborn, and will still try to fling himself into the air even though it means crashing into objects! It's been upsetting as the collisions do not seem to deter him in the least. I haven't noticed anything but the toe tapping, though, so he doesn't seem injured.

Does this toe tapping sound familiar to anyone???? :grey tiel:
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