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First of all welcome to Talk Cockatiels!:D

I would just like to encourage you to introduce yourself and join in discussions on the forums. :) We're a very friendly bunch here and would love to hear from you and your flock.

More people posting will result in more discussion, more learning and more FUN for everyone here at Talk Cockatiels. Whether you just want to share something cute that your cockatiels have done, or if you have a question to ask or a tip that you would like to share, don't hesitate to post - i promise we don't bite...hard. ;)

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I also would like to welcome all new members, Bea is right we have a great group of people and some real characters (I won't mention any names you know who you We love hearing about your Cockatiels and seeing pictures so don't be afraid to post them, we can all learn so much from each other through our experiences. :)

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Yes, please post! I know some of you like to "watch" the boards for a while and see how but it's ok! Like Bea said, we don't bite...hard.:p Introduce yourself, look around, ask questions, post pictures! We love to see how other tiels are doing!
I wish you a very big welcome to talk cockatiels! :D Like many of us here we are daily visitors, you can post pictures of your adorable cockatiel(s) or visit our Chit Chat section were you can talk off-subject about anything:)
Please feel welcome to ask questions & ask advise about any worries concerning your cockatiel(s):)

A Daily Visitor Here:p
Hi, I am glad we found your forum, it looks Great! I use to own a White faced Pearl, who sadly passed away in "06". Yesterday we went out and bought another tiel, and wanted to join a tiel forum I am so glad I found this one.
Well Ray welcome to the forum its nice to have you join. I think you'll enjoy it here there are a lot of great people if you have any questions or even just wanna talk in the chit chat. Sorry for the loss of your tiel but congrats on your new purchase i hope he/she is just as nice a bird and at least helps fill a bit of the void
Hi everyone I'm new here and I just bought myself a pied today from some guy who was mistreating him. He's a bit nippy but overall I'm showing him that I'm the "master" and he's ALREADY gotten better with me. He's quite affectionate at times. he wants his head pet and he loves to play with my hair and some coins. He'll take a coin over and drop it on my cats head just to bug her hahahahaaa it's soooooooo cute!
Eventually I would love to get him a friend, but I'm worried about breeding, aggression, all that stuff. I don't even know if he....IS A HE. lol... I'm still learning. Anywho I'm Jenn and my babies name is Bekham
hi i'm just rehomed a two teils and the female has no feathers around her neck and tips of wings and under wings but she is other wise healthy. The girl who had the seemed to of taked pretty good care of them as far as i can tell. Is this something I should be overly worried about? My tiels names are Spike And Abbie. I've checked thier droppings and they are the normal green in center and white in out side not runny, thier drinking water and eatting thier food as well as fruits and veggies and mellit. Should I just watch I've only had then 2 days

:)Hi everyone..I live in New Zealand and I am new to this thread. Lots of great reading and beautiful photos. I have 2 breeding budgies plus 5 x (2 month) old beautiful babies and she is sitting on some more. My problem is that I am looking after my nieces cockatiel's which was sitting on eggs now she's not. I got the first one she laid out and candled it which looks fertile so I put it with my budgie who is sitting on it. Should I do that?? just a bit worried if it hatches what her reaction will be and if the other chicks will all be OK. The other cockatiel eggs are stone cold 4 in total. 3 where infertile and one was fertile. Is it alright to leave this egg with my budgie....She is a good mum,would she feed the cockatiel chick do you think??? please help....Robyn
i think ill post here too :p
welcome to the forums everyone. im from canada ^_^
i joined these forums maybe a month or two ago. my bf gave me two cocktiels in late july as an early b-day present. he breds them and has 10, soon it may be more. My cockatiels are max(cinnamon) and freya (lutino) they are almost 7 months old :)
Hello, I'm Heather from Nottingham UK.

From, what i have seen from this site so far, i think it's brill. I'm going to enjoy, getting to know other tiel lovers. :thumbu: xx
Welcome to the forums. Yes this site is full of helpful, friendly people. Enjoy!
hi,ive just got my very first tiel.he called stewie and hes a pearl. i love him loads already
i just adopted my friends cockatiel....his name is Chicken. I have had everything from finches to macaws but at the moment my only feathered friend is Chicken. He is very sweet and cute:>
Welcome Ellie and Jill. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't hesitate to post pics.
Hi, I'm Jamie and i have a budgie, Macy, two cats, Sooty and Kohl and two guinea pigs, Patch and Molly :D
although i dont have a tiel i rly love them and want one to keep my budgie company(in seperate cages of course :) ) i want to find out eveeryything i need before i get a tiel so im prepared!
i attached a pic of my budgie though, just cuz she's soooo beeaauuutiiful:love:


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Welcome Chicklet. When are you going to get a 'tiel. Hanging around us is going to make you want one all the more.
Hi. to all, I found this site after putting in Cockatiels in the search bar on Google and find it absolutely great. I just love all the information and photo`s I have just a week ago after a long search got a baby Tiel of now just 18 weeks old.My partner had a tiel "Jimjam Duvet" and I took her on ov er a year ago as she was left on her own all week as he was away on business. She was a wonderfull companion and I was devastated when she died my partner was given her as a present after she was found flying around on friends property and as they had a parrot thought it better to rehome her.We think she was 13 to 14 years old.So now we have Maddie as we were told at the pet shop it is a girl. We take the shops word for this tho how do we tell. Jimjam Duvet used to lay eggs periodically so we guessed she was female.(Bless her)I am trying to get her to come to me but she is very nervous and I give her treats to encourage her to be friendly.She is coming to the front of the cage now and I can put my hand up to her.Only after a week so quite pleased with this result.Any advice would be gratefully received.:)
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Hello Wend. Welcome! At 18 weeks it is difficult to tell the sex of a bird. There are markings that are specific to males and to females but at this age they all have the same markings. Only as they mature can you differentiate between the sexes. However it's more difficult with Pieds. Behavior is the best indicator of the sex of your bird. Males will be very vocal and that may have already started. Between 3 and 4 months young males find their voices and start chattering with great regularity. So if your bird is still quiet chances are it IS a female.
Hello we're new here ...

Hello there we are new here. Let me first introduce us, and tell you a little bit about our cockatiels. My name is Joani and Hedwig is my whitefaced pearl male cockatiel. Joey is my husband and his birds name is Albus Dumbledore "Al" and he is a pearl male. I tried to upload a couple of photos, but the pictures were too big. We've had our cockatiels for two weeks now. They were both handfed, but once we got Hedwig home he started to bite, but I've been working with him almost every day with click training that I picked up from Chet Womachs' videos, and he is doing very well with that now. Al is very curious, but he gets bored with the click training ... he will just walk right past the stick and the millet just to get to your shoulder. Anyways ... hello.
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