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Timeline for Cockatiel Mutations in the United States

It all started with a normal (wild type) cockatiel. In the US we currently have 14 known mutations, excluding the normal grey, which is not a mutation. Of these mutations, only six were developed and breed initially in the US.

Originally cockatiels were identified in the late 1700's in Australia, their native country. From there they made their way as captive birds in Europe in the early 1800's. The first mutation from the normal grey was the pied in 1949.

The first captive breeding of cockatiels was in France in the 1850’s. From there cockatiels spread worldwide. It took about 100 years for the first mutation to evolve, which was the pied. A mutation is defined as a spontaneous change in the genetic code. These changes have resulted in the different colors we now have today. All cockatiels, excluding the normal grey are mutations.

Pied… USA, California…1949

Lutino… USA, Miami FL…1958

Pearl… West Germany…1967

Cinnamon… Belgium…1967

Recessive Silver… New Zealand 1950, Today’s RS are of European origin from the 60’s

Fallow… USA, Florida…1971

Whiteface… Holland 1969, then to Germany late 70’s, then UK 1979, then USA imported 1984

Dominant Silver…UK, 1979

Pastelface… UK, late 1980’s

Sex-linked Yellow Cheek… Europe late 1980’s, then imported to US in 1992

Dominant Yellow Cheek…USA, Florida…early 1990’s

GoldCheek… USA, Virginia in the early 1990’s.

Emerald, Olive… USA, Texas…mid 1990’s

Creamface… First occurred in South Africa, then imported into the US in the early 2000’s.

Mutations Found in Australia

Australia is the origin of cockatiels worldwide. It is the home of the Normal Grey cockatiel. There are 14 mutations found in Australia. Of these mutations 6 (six) were imported into the country, and 8 (eight) are established and exclusive to Australia.

Imported, non native mutations:

Pied, late 1970’s
Lutino, late 1970’s
Pearl, late 1970’s
Whiteface, late 1980’s
Cinnamon, mid 1990’s
Pastelface, mid 1990’s

Mutations Exclusive to Australia:

Australian Fallow, 1960’s
Faded (West Coast Silver) 1982
Cinnamon, 1984
Edged Dilute (Silver Spangle) early 1980’s
Platinum, late 1980’s
Dilute (Pastel Silver, East Coast Silver) 1980’s, to the public late 1990’s
Suffused (Olive) late 1990’s
Pewter, 1998
Australian Yellowface, 2001

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The normal grey variety is the wild or "natural" mutation, when you look at wild cockatiel flock there all the normal grey colouring. The mutations you see today are all done through selective breeding :D

Very informational srtiles!

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What about Platnium and spangle?

I am in the US and the timelime is for when the mutations appeared in the US. We do not have some of the mutations that AUS has. So Maybe someone can research and do a timeline of when the various mutations appearred in AUS, and where they came from.

Updated, 4/6/12 and added they mutations that are found in Australia.
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